The Good Lord Smites Bike Thieves

I’m a huge fan of Yehuda Moon, and last Friday evening I started doodling bike stuff on a napkin in a restaurant – just to keep Daughter entertained.

What I came up with was this (now re-drawn – I don’t routinely take colouring pencils with me to restaurants!) – a little morality tale about the rights and wrongs of stealing bikes (click to enlarge):

Personally, I’m a little uncertain about the power of prayer when it comes to protecting your bike from being stolen. I’d much rather put my trust in a good solid lock, a public location, and a sturdy anchor point to lock up to!

2 Responses

  1. Hi,
    Great cartoon.

    I’m a friend of “Andy in Germany” who said he’d spoken to you a while back about my desperate, (Heaton based) bikeless plight and inability to organise any way forward, and that you might be willing to help me sort something out. He also said a blog comment was probably the best way to contact you.
    My e-mail address is the one above and it would be good to hear from you.



  2. There’s never a lightning bolt when you want one… Great cartoon.

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