How To LockYourBike[] Video

Here’s a great video by Carlton Reid, produced for Northumbria Police. It shows genuine bikes being stolen by genuine thieves, as well as some tip-top advice for how to Lock Your Bike [] and avoid this pain yourself:

Read more on’s page for this film, which also features two other excellent videos employing the skills of an extremely good-looking model.

3 Responses

  1. This video was pretty helpful. I also used a link

    There definitively are right and wrong ways to lock your bike using the U-Locks so make sure that you do your research before leaving your bike unprotected. Especially in shadier neighborhoods.

  2. The comment about using two types of locks is inaccurate. If a thief can open your U-Lock, he can open any lock. For every lock there is a tool that can cut it. but a tool that can cut a U-Lock can cut any lock. If someone really wants your bike they will get it.

    However, it should be noted that most bike thieves do not carry heavy cutting tools. They usually carry regular machine tools. so locking your bike with two locks will prevent onsite disassembly. But this is not because there are two types of locks. it is simply because more of the bike is locked.

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