Bike Lock That Bites Back

OK, it doesn’t bite – the Smart Lock is a prototype bike lock designed by Michael Lambourn, that sprays the would-be bike thief with paint / smart water / skunk scent / ebola-infected blood / whatever when they try to cut it.

Basically it’s a regular-ish looking lock that’s full of some fluid under pressure. When the lock gets cut, the thieving toe-rag gets the full benefit of the pressure relief. Like in this demonstration video:

Bike thieves are pretty stoopid – someone should tell this guy that there are bikes all around him. The lock’s just secured to the railings ;-)

What do you think – good product / bad product / lawsuit waiting to happen / bike thieves’ just deserts?

2 Responses

  1. Lawsuit waiting to happen. But, before that, where can you buy Napalm these days?

  2. […] Pomphret and Karl McCracken would like to see the lock filled with ebola virus. I’d choose Napalm. Hat-tip to Urban […]

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