More Bike Security Tips From The Ministry

Yes, they’ve been at it again . . .well sort of.

I did a little noodling around on YouTube, and came up with two public information videos about locking your bike. The first is from the ’70s, and is worth watching if only for the Quentin Crisp-alike’s insistence that he doesn’t want to talk about what was in his saddle bag (is it actually QC?). Try to ignore the subliminal message printed across the middle of the film – it just might turn you into Max Headroom:

Then there’s this one, featuring Geoff Capes (former World’s Strongest Man). When I saw the description in the YouTube listing, I was hoping we were going to see him break a selection of bike locks to show that it’s worth spending the extra on a decent one. No – not this time. Instead, it looks like a clip from the Tyne Tees children’s TV programme, SuperGran that’s been re-dubbed by someone with a sense of humour:

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