Bike Theft: Daylight Robbery

Here’s an interesting little film. A couple of guys got fed up with having their bikes and parts of their bikes stolen. So they set out to find  how easy it is to steal bikes . . . and what the public’s response would be when this was done in broad daylight.

Naturally, they’re not real bike thieves – they used their own bike and own locks:

OK, so this looks like pretty depressing stuff. People can steal a bike, be obvious about it, and no-one notices or attempts to stop them. But there are lessons in this for us all:

  1. A locked bike is harder to steal than one that’s not.
  2. A simple chain & padlock really doesn’t seem good enough, does it!
  3. If you do use a chain though, never lock up with a chain dangling down to the ground. That gives a good solid base for the hammer & chisel / hammer & spike attach we saw at the end.

One Response

  1. He might not have made it through that last chain without Hector’s help, though. It’s good to see concerned citizens pitching in! Sheesh.

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