Hahaha! Fail!

Sometimes people’s failure to lock their bike properly is just so stupid that it’s funny. Like this photo from joeandmiranda’s Creative Commons images on Flickr that I found via Bikehacks:

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering, I don’t think the bike is an Asda special with the front forks on back to front – I think the handlebars have just swivelled round while the bike was being secured by its owner…

Decoy Bike?

A great way to protect your bike from getting stolen is to park it next to something far more attractive / easier to sell for ready cash. I’m guessing that’s what’s happened here, with these two completely unlocked bikes I saw yesterday:

As I said, neither bike is locked, though that lamp post is pretty securely chained down. Or at least it would be if the lock used on it had been tough enough to resist attack from my Daughter’s nail clippers.

What really puzzles me though is the question as to which bike is the decoy?

The one with the drop handle-bars, 531 tubing & shifters mounted on the downtube, or the full-sus BSO? Or maybe they’re both decoys in an area notorious for lamp post thieves?

The Good Lord Smites Bike Thieves

I’m a huge fan of Yehuda Moon, and last Friday evening I started doodling bike stuff on a napkin in a restaurant – just to keep Daughter entertained.

What I came up with was this (now re-drawn – I don’t routinely take colouring pencils with me to restaurants!) – a little morality tale about the rights and wrongs of stealing bikes (click to enlarge):

Personally, I’m a little uncertain about the power of prayer when it comes to protecting your bike from being stolen. I’d much rather put my trust in a good solid lock, a public location, and a sturdy anchor point to lock up to!

I Was Only Away For A Second!

While I was walking through town today, I saw a guy ride up & park his bike outside a shop before popping inside. He was just nipping in to pick something up, so didn’t bother to lock it:

This is a mistake that people frequently make (just the once though . . .), which leads to the inevitable sign in the shop window . . .


(A photo of the missing bike goes here)

Last Friday, I nipped inside this shop for just a second. Sadly, my faith in the honesty of people round here was rewarded by my bike being stolen. It was my pride and joy etc, etc

I was tempted to grab the guy’s bike and take it just around the corner that this shop is located on. But cyclists can get funny about having their bikes stolen – funny as in psychopathic.

What’s the answer to this sort of problem? Probably to get something like an Axa Defender fitted to your bike – it’s a cheep, but surprisingly effective immobiliser for just such situations:

True, the thief could carry your bike off, but at least that should slow them down enough for you to vent the full wrath of a cyclist robbed on them!

Nothing At All Suspicious In This?

Nope. I’m not suspicious at all.

btw – do you want to buy a $50 bike?

Spot The Deliberate Mistake

Free bike, anyone?

Integrated U-Lock?

This is pretty cool.

A U-lock integrated into the bike design. It enables you to lock the bike to something, or for those just-nipping-into-the-shop moments, to render it un-ridable, by locking the steering.

It reminds me a little of those rear-wheel locks you see on classic bikes (my Pashley, or instance), with a huge score for convenience.

I guess there’s also the added advantage that any attempt to break it is likely to damage the bike frame too, so there’d be no point . . .


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